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Commercialize your research  

Research commercialization program. 

Do you think that you have a potential research product, reagent or technology that could provide extra funding/staff for your laboratory if only you could effectively market and distribute it?

Let us help. Contact us below to see how we can help you market and distribute your product(s) worldwide!!

Why commercialize your research?

1. Aid the scientific community by effectively distributing your reagents or technology.

2. Promote your name in the scientific community....we will always properly acknowledge the source of the reagents.

3. Earn additional money for you and your research!

4. Finance additional lab personnel

5. Develop commercial contacts

Advantages we offer.

1. Rapid P2P (Path to profit)

2. Possible payment of up-front fees.

3. Attractive royalty agreements

4. Advanced direct marketing channels...we cut out the distributor (and their fees) by selling direct to the customer in most countries.

5. Commercialization possible within a month of first contact

6. Simple, straightforward contract agreements made.

7. Flexible to your requirements

8. Knowledgeable in dealing with university/company technology transfer offices

9. Unequalled ability to market, ship and sell your perishable low or high value reagents to a world wide consumer base and accept payment in multiple currencies!!

10. Monthly settlement of accounts in your chosen currency by wire-transfer to your account.


Commercialize your research reagents or technology.

Contact us now.

We are particularly interested in hearing from researchers in the Asia/Pacific region.

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